RTH Demo / Live System

We have installed the latest version of RTH on a public web server – you can use this installation for a first look at RTH. Special thanks to Liedl EDV Dienstleitungen for providing the needed disk-space and traffic.

IMPORTANT: The installation data is reset every night, so do not upload any important data

User-name: admin
Password: password


62 Responses to “RTH Demo / Live System”

  1. Hoff Says:

    User and password don´t work.

  2. requirementsandtestinghub Says:

    Data is reset nightly – please try again tomorrow.

  3. Hugo Says:

    Should it be possible to create a spearate project to try some stuff out on the live system or is this prohibited?

    I thought it would be possible as you reset the data each night, but I get an error when trying to create a project:

  4. requirementsandtestinghub Says:

    Hi Hugo!

    The reason for this is, that creating new projects can be a possible security flaw on the demo system – thats the reason why it is disabled.


    • Tony Says:

      Hi Andreas,

      OK dumb question, we installed the demo verion on our server, it’s up and running, if we want to enable all the other (Disabled) features and use the full site on our server; ie add a project, edit News section, yada, yada, yada, what do we need to do?


      • requirementsandtestinghub Says:

        I’m not sure if I understood your problem – which “disabled features” are you talking about? Did you use the admin account to login?
        best regards

  5. David Says:

    Wondering why Test Names must be unique for within Projects, rather than within Test Areas. Is this a limitation written into the RTH php code, or is this a database requirement (based on primary keys).


  6. QA Lead Says:

    We are using version 1.6.1 and when we rename a test area, the changed is reflected under the manage area but it not changed when we go to the “Test Library” area. I just tried this on the RTH Demo / Live System and I am seeing the same behavior. Is this a bug or is there as step that’s missing?

  7. Anjum Says:

    Is RTH is 100% free or do we need to buy its license? If so then what are the license details and prices?

    Please reply

  8. Murthysrn Says:


    Demo project is deleted, but i am not able to create. showing error in mkdir();

  9. sindhu Says:

    can rth be use only to manage test case (excel doc)?

    upload and updating test case via excel using rth..can th is be accomplished?

    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:


      I’m not sure if I understand your question: RTH is a full test management solution which can be used for testcase management and for test result documentation (among other features) – furthermore there is a excel import / export feature available.

      Best regards

  10. Neha Says:

    How i can download the RTH??

  11. 2010 in review « RTH Blog Says:

    […] RTH Demo / Live System March 2009 17 comments 3 […]

  12. kronos Says:

    can anyone help me out in configuring the properties_inc.php file…. where all the changes has to be made…?????

    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:


      Please specify what your problem is – is something missing in the documentation?


      • kronos Says:

        Hi Andreas,

        Thanks for the reply,
        i have to ask you the difference between include_once and @include_once

        here the program gonna struck in the @include_once($file) it is in rth/adodb-4.65/adodb.inc.php


  13. Jessica Says:


    I have a question regarding the demo: I can create a release, build and test set but when it comes to assigning tests, I am brought to a screen where all tests have have been created are displayed. I cannot pick and choose which tests I want to assign to the test set. Also, there is a ‘create’ button but not an ‘assign’ button which also confused me. Does this occur (meaning all tests created are assigned to a test set) on the download version? This wouldn’t work very well…



    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:

      Hi Jessica!

      Did you check the checkboxes on the left side of the testcases? After you have selected your testcases you can create a testset by pressing “Create” button.

      Best regards

      • Jessica Says:

        Hi Andreas!

        I actually did that. There were 3 test cases and I checked 2 of them. I ended up with all 3 test cases in the test set. I was allowed to select any of the available test cases on the system and they were all selected. I also tried to create a test set where I did not select any of the check boxes and I also ended up with all the test cases in the test set.

        Not sure if I did something incorrectly?



      • requirementsandtestinghub Says:

        Hi Jessica!

        Did you create a new testset first? Afterwards you should have a “Add Tests” link.

        Best regards

  14. Seshu Says:


    How to link requirements and test cases?
    Can i post bugs to the developer in RTH? ()


  15. Seshu Says:

    Can i post bugs to developers through RTH. If yes, how can i post please explain in detail.

    Thanks in advance.

    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:


      RTH is a sourceforge project – so all you need is a sourceforge account and then you can post issues to RTH bug tracking.


  16. Kumar Says:


    While Click on The bug link in mail it is asking User id & Password for every bug. Even though i logged in it is again asking log in.

  17. Carlos Says:

    I installed RTH on my local network but when I want to add a new project the application show this message:
    System Warning :- mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory
    File: C:\xampp\htdocs\rth\project_add_action.php
    Line: 40

    Otherwise, when I followed the installation step I didn´t know where I must put the following four directories
    5. Move file upload directories for DEMO project
    There are four directories under the rth directory that are intended for file
    upload for the DEMO project.
    You may want to move these directories from your web root directory to another
    create the following directories under the FILE_UPLOAD_PATH (../rth_file_upload/)
    You will have to update the file upload paths in the project table in the database
    if you decide to move these directories.

    Thanks in advance

  18. chinna Says:

    Can i post the defect to developer without failing any step? if yes tell me the navigation steps to post defect.

    Thanks in advance……..

    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:


      I don’t understand: Simply navigate to “Defects” and click “Add defect”.

      Best regards

  19. kumar Says:

    Is Test plan implemented in RTH 1.7.2?

  20. Seshu Says:

    Hi……..What is the use of “Assign to” and “Assign to Developer”. Is both are one and the same or diffe rent. Pls explain briefly abt these two. At what situation these will useful.

  21. ramkumar Says:


    I configured RTH 1.7 version. However when i loging into the tool with admin/password for the first time. I am getting an error that user table was not there under rth. How i can i solve this problem can any one help me!!

    Thanks in advance,


  22. cvi08 Says:

    El rth es muy bueno (very god); pero tiene fuerte debildades a nivel de gestion
    Ayuda mejora mucho al parametrizar datos hardcode, y constantes de definicion de roles utilizando tablas

  23. Sandeep Says:

    I still did not understand the complete flow of this tool (RTH). Can you please elaborate the FLOW diagram of this tool- like how would end user, admin and other special group user will act on this system?

    From where to start with?


    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:

      Sorry – no dedicated docs available – but your input will be very much appreciated.

  24. Sandeep Says:

    Can’t we create new reports?

    Say e.g I need to find for release x , x issues are assigned to Dev and are of critical severity? I can see some default reports only?

    Can i create my own custom reports with user added attributes of Defects, Tests, Releases etc?


  25. Vijay Says:

    Hi, I am totally new to RTH, I downloaded rth_1_7_2.zip and want to know how to configure and what server do I need to download for deploying this.I am using mac OS X 10.6.4.

    Please help

  26. Praveen Says:

    I have used RTH demo version and found that there is no provision for entering Actual Result in Test Case. could u pls give the information..

  27. Sujitha Says:

    Help content is not displayed.. So i can’t understand the complete flow of this tool.. can u please upload the help content so that i can understand the entire flow of the tool.

  28. nitin Says:

    how to integrate bugzilla with RTH as it is mentioned on the Home page “Easily link to any web-based Change Control or Bug Tracking system”, for the last 5 years we are using bugzilla and now we switched to RTH for Test Management Tool but we do want to use bugzilla along with RTH, help me…

  29. Akshat Says:

    hey i am using selenium testing tool.. Can u please guide me how to use this tool.. I have downloaded the rth zip file now what i m supposed to do in order to use this testing tool.
    Please guide.

  30. seshu Says:

    What is the bug status “Contructed”.
    when to a bug goes to “Contructed” status.

  31. Yash Says:

    How do i install RTH using XAMPP?

  32. yash009 Says:

    Hi how did you manage to put rth on the cloud.I plan to do that in my project too,can you help me with this please.

    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:

      I dont know what you mean with “put rth on the cloud”? You just need a LAMP installation and then deploy RTH.
      Best regards

  33. Seshu Says:

    What is the use of “Add Relationship” option in ‘Bug_detail_page’. How this option is useful? Can you please explain.


  34. Satish kumarsatish Says:

    Hello all, after download.. how to navigate this tool.

    please guide me

  35. Jagadesh kumar B Says:

    Hi, The UI looks more like plain HTML page with controls. Is it because it is just for the demo purpose?.

    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:

      Hi – yep, its quite simple and straight forward and no, its not just for demo purposes 😉

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