Feature list

Requirements and Testing Hub (RTH) offers a large variety of features which are divided into several sections:

Requirements Management

  • manage your requirements and link them to test cases
  • Traceability matrix – find out which tests cover which requirements

Test case Management

  • create manual test cases using FCKEditor component or
  • import your test cases using an Microsoft Excel template file
  • upload supporting documents for your test cases

Release Management

  • create Releases and Builds on which you can execute your test cases and monitor the progress
  • copy created test sets (containing test cases) from one build to another

Test result Management

  • monitor the results of your test case execution
  • link failed test cases to issues

Issue Tracking

  • document found issues in issue tracking section
  • upload additional information for your defects


  • get graphical information on the status of:
    • Test Area
    • Build Status
    • Failed Verifications
    • Requirements Coverage
    • Test Signoff
    • Test Sets Status

RTH Management

  • support for 3 different user groups
  • support for multiple projects
  • define your own test areas, test types and test environments

You can easily have a look at these features by having a look at our test system.


19 Responses to “Feature list”

  1. Feature list available « RTH Blog Says:

    […] Feature list available By requirementsandtestinghub Check out our new feature list. […]

  2. Cornelius Kölbel Says:

    Hi there,
    I was searching for a tool like RTH. It seems it fits most needs of mine. Thank you. I think there is no possibility to get an overview of the failed tests in one release to keep an eye exspecially on these on the next release?

    I managed to connect the authentication to Active Directory.
    But there I had to change some things:

    In “login_validate.php” i removed the code for
    “validation, to avoid sql injection”
    since i use no sql at this point.

    Moreover I changed in “api/ldap_api.php”
    the definition of Rldap_user to make it more simple.
    $ldap_user = ‘(sAMAccountName=’ . $user_id . ‘)’;

    Kind regards

  3. cornelius Says:

    Hello again,

    I used the comment in a test run to explain a given problem to the developer.
    Reload and it was gone, since it is varchar(255).

    So I did the following to fit my needs:

    mysql> alter table testsuiteresults modify test_run_comment varchar(2000);

    Kind regatds

  4. Cornelius Kölbel Says:

    I got a testsets for a new build that I test completely manually.
    After having tested everything, I got some failed tests in the testset.

    I am missing a feature, that I can get a report with all comments (!) from the failed tests in one testset, since I want to give this failed-summery to the development.

    Or is it already possible, but I missed it?

    Kind regards

    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:


      If you are talking about a direct way to extract the comments of the failed testcases into a report – this feature / report is not available at the moment – you will have to create a MySQL statement to extract the data.


  5. Yagus Says:

    I´m evaluating RTH.
    I have few questions…

    1.Is it possible to manage the users resources and permissions?
    I mean, set up the user permissions so just a user with a “tester/user” profile can run a test and it can´t be done by a user with another profile (developer).

    2.Is it possible set up KIRON so a “User/Tester” can see and modified only the Test cases and bugs that have been assigned to him.

    3.Is there a system administrator user?

    4.Is it possible to import a Test Set or is it required to import a test case one by one?

    Thanks for your support.


  6. requirementsandtestinghub Says:


    Ad 1.) There are predefined classes of users.
    Ad 2.) No
    Ad 3.) Yes – there is a “admin” user – an you can assign “Admin” rights to any user you want.
    Ad 4.) You can copy test sets but you cannot export / import them.


  7. Yagus Says:

    Hi Andreas…


  8. mai Says:


    i have a problem when trying to load any file with a defect or even with requirement file, an error is occurred in file_api and also a message is appeared “ERROR: File Upload Failed.”

    any help will be appreciated , Thank you

  9. 2010 in review « RTH Blog Says:

    […] The busiest day of the year was January 27th with 215 views. The most popular post that day was Feature list. […]

  10. ritesh Says:

    Can we Import and export excel files using this tool. I want to Import all of my existing test cases in to this tool which are written in excel format? Will it be possible using this tool?

    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:

      Hi Ritesh!

      Yes, that is possible – please consult help for more information.


  11. RTH « Testing funcional Says:

    […] proyecto no goza de mucha documentación disponible, apenas un listado de funcionalidades y unas FAQ’s, no tiene un manual de usuario o de instalación como Testlink, pero se indica […]

  12. Vishal shah Says:

    Can I know, How can I know import/export test cases in to tool?

    and it would be great if you provide any help manual for how to use it?

    Best regards,
    Vishal shah

  13. Zoraida Says:


    After installation, the option to load a file in a defect is not available. What can be the problem? Thanks.

  14. geoffhorne Says:

    Hi there, I was wanting to know whether RTH can call an external .vbs file as a way of running a test? Can it be updated by an external .vbs file to get results back in?



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