As I said in my last post I’m very busy at the moment (my new job is quite a challenge) – but yesterday I talked to a former colleague and he told me that RTH will perhaps get some support in the future.

So once more: I need any help that I can get as my time is very limited at the moment. And I know that there are a lot of things to fix and to improve – so if you are experienced with PHP and MySQL and if you want to patricipate please contact me.


2 Responses to “Update”

  1. Leonardo Molinari Says:


    I do not believe that only after I published the RTH-Turbo, you decided to updated RTH (example: copy or duplicated test). You that I wait more then 1 year to you plublish the code.

    But I as say: RTH is not dead. Because his son, RTH-Turbo alives!!!

    Best Regards an feel free to contact me:

    Leonardo Molinari


  2. RTH « Testing funcional Says:

    […] en el blog oficial de la herramienta hay un post de diciembre de ese mismo año avisando de la cercana inactividad del proyecto debido a que no hay desarrolladores en el equipo de gestión del mismo, por lo que no puede haber […]

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