XML Bridge for RTH


I just got a message from Benjamin Balet who implemented a RTH to XML bridge:

I’m developing (free/GPL) tools around RTH and I translated articles
posted on my blog in english (or frenglish/globlish ;) ).
The first one is a simple way to retrieve data from RTH Database
(I am using it so as to connect automated testing tools and for an Excel reporting tool) :
* XML Bridge for RTH :
And in French:
 * Un Bridge XML pour RTH :
Don’t hesitate to comment / suggest.
Best Regards,
 Benjamin BALET

8 Responses to “XML Bridge for RTH”

  1. Santosh Says:

    I am using RTH 1.7.1, when i export the defects from rth to .xls, it does not give me the category name instead it gives me the category number.

  2. jhoanna Says:

    hola…. tengo demaciados problemas para instalar esta herramienta, pense que se hace igual que la herramienta testlink, pero no me funciono, por favor ayudemen. necesito toda la informacion de RTH Y COMO SE INSTALA. muchas gracias desde colombia.

  3. arturo omar Says:

    good day
    i have a question i have see it that this tool should help me to have rth working whit Mantis how can i do this? or how can i know if it is working once that i downloaded the file and installed

    thanks and regards

  4. Deepa Says:

    Hi Can I know if we can integrate Selenium scripts into RTH? how can that be done ?
    Your response will be helpfull for me.

  5. Deepa Says:

    That Means it is not possible ?

    This website says in the 10th page that Selenium can be integrated with RTH.Please let me know if that has been done by anyone else

    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:

      Hi! That means that I do not have the knowledge how to do the integration – perhaps someone from the selenium team can help you?

      best regards

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