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New developer

October 18, 2009

Due to my new job I’m having hardly any time to work on RTH – so Im really happy to announce that a new developer joined the project. He is currently focusing on fixing some bugs and I hope that we can soon release a new version with some of the fixes.

We also want to include some new localisations, so if you have translated RTH in your language please send your files so we can include them – THANKS!


XML Bridge for RTH

October 2, 2009

I just got a message from Benjamin Balet who implemented a RTH to XML bridge:

I’m developing (free/GPL) tools around RTH and I translated articles
posted on my blog in english (or frenglish/globlish ;) ).
The first one is a simple way to retrieve data from RTH Database
(I am using it so as to connect automated testing tools and for an Excel reporting tool) :
* XML Bridge for RTH :
And in French:
 * Un Bridge XML pour RTH :
Don’t hesitate to comment / suggest.
Best Regards,
 Benjamin BALET