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Check out our new feature list.

3 Responses to “Feature list available”

  1. Benjamin BALET Says:


    I don’t know how to reach you via e-mail, so I hope this post won’t be perceived as an agressive ad for by blog. Anyway, I am a huge fan of RTH and I performed a complete review of your TCM software, here :

    It’s in french and a bit long (but complete). It comes with a comparison of Salomé TMF, one of your open source competitors (I ranked RTH #1 !).

    I hope you won’t give up the development of RTH.

    Best Regards,
    Benjamin BALET

    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:

      Thanks a lot for your presentation – actually I do not speak french but I hope your are saying only nice things about RTH 🙂

  2. Benjamin BALET Says:


    I’m developping (free/GPL) tools around RTH and I translated articles posted on my blog in english (or frenglish/globlish ;). The first one is a simple way to retrieve data from RTH Database (I am using it so as to connect automated testing tools and for an Excel reporting tool) :

    * XML Bridge for RTH :

    And in French:
    * Un Bridge XML pour RTH :

    Don’t hesitate to comment / suggest.

    Best Regards,
    Benjamin BALET

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