Poll: How do you use RTH?


3 Responses to “Poll: How do you use RTH?”

  1. Gautier Says:

    Version 1.7.2
    Two comments:
    Importing test cases using an Excel file containing Chinese character failed with an error :
    System Notice:- icon(v) [function.iconv]: Detected an illegal character in input string. File:/usr/local/rth/excel/reader.php line 796

    Why the information contained in rth_file_upload not stored in the database? What are these information exactly? It is temporary files only? Do I have to backup them? I saw the excel files I tried to import, is it not a security issue to have them stored on the file system

    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:


      RTH was not tested using chinese characters but thanks for the hint!

      The files in rth_file_upload are the supporting docs – so you will have to backup them.


  2. Gayathri Says:

    Hi, I jus downloaded the RTH, bt unable to rung the s/w…In demo also i got many errors… cn u pls explain it how to use RTH?..

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