RTH 1.7.2 released!


I’m very happy to announce that RTH 1.7.2 has been released – this is just a bugfix release where we have addressed the most important issues:

  • Installation SQL script has been fixed
  • Path to FCKEditor has been fixed
  • Problem with download of supporting docs containing special characters in file name has been fixed


Please contact me for any questions or comments.

8 Responses to “RTH 1.7.2 released!”

  1. Megan Says:

    I just downloaded the 1.7.2 release. I’m trying to create a new Project, and it doesn’t work. I can enter in the information and click on Submit. A page shows up with this error message:
    System Warning: mkdir(): No such file or directory
    File: project_add_action.php
    Line: 40

    Then the page goes back to the Add Project page saying Error: Unable to create project folders.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?


  2. rthscags Says:


    I would guess that you dont have the needed right in rth_file_upload folder to create a new sub directory for your project.

    Please check that rth/rth_file_upload folder has the needed rights – that will resolve the problem.


  3. Renny Says:

    Found a problem when I installed this on my system with:
    – PHP 4.3.9
    – MySQL 4.1.20

    I would go into an infinite loop during the login process — took me hours to debug this. The problem is the db_fetch_array(), which calls db_fetch_row(). Since the resultset is passed as a ‘value’ parameter, the EOF flag gets lost, and we go into an infinite loop.

    The fix was to add the ‘&’ to the parameter of the db_fetch_row’s “record_set” argument.

  4. vinay Says:

    Hi ,
    I tried installing rth1.7.2 but at the login page once am entering the user id and password am facing problem :
    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 100 seconds exceeded in C:\RTQC\IssueTracker Installation files\rth_1_7_2\rth\api\db_api.php on line 59
    for which i even incresed my max_exce_time and input time in PHP.ini but still its showing the same errorr,i have even restartde my system after this.
    can anyone tell wat may be th ereason for this other then settings in PHP.INI

    • requirementsandtestinghub Says:


      I have never seen this error before but my guess would be that its database related as it occurs in “db_api.php”. So please check your database settings or try connecting to another database.


  5. Rene Says:


    I have also de “System Warning: mkdir(): No such file or directory” error. What permision would be neccesary? 777? 755?

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