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Installation problems

March 26, 2009

Lately we received some bug reports regarding 2 installation problems – fortunately we have solutions for the problems available 🙂

  • The correct version of the rth.sql file can be downloaded here.
  • If you experience any problems with FCKEditor (“Failed opening ‘./fckeditor/fckeditor.php’ for inclusion”) simply rename the folder “FCKEditor” to “fckeditor”

Both problems are fixed in CVS and will be part of the next release of RTH.

Sorry for any inconveniences!


Misspellings in RTH

March 24, 2009

Today I fixed another misspelling in RTH – actually I like fixing such minor issues out of 2 reasons:

  • Obviously its quite easy to fix such things – just replace a string somewhere in the source code.
  • Besides bugs in functionality I think its quite embarrassing to have misspellings or typos in a piece of software which will be used by software testers.

So please feel free to contact me or open a tracker ticket if you find such issues – your help is very much appreciated!

26.3.2009: Just fixed another ticket in this area – thanks to Bonzaib for reporting it!

FCKEditor problem solved!?

March 23, 2009

Again we tried to fix the problem with the FCKEditor path ( ). We fixed this in the past but it seems we re-introduced this item in the past so I fixed it again (actually it took me some time to figure out the CVS has no rename functionality like Subversion 😉 ).

The fix will be included in the next version of RTH but it may take some time until we can release this version – in the meantime just rename the folder “FCKEditor” to “fckeditor” if you experience any troubles with FCKEditor not found.

Bug with filenames containing special characters

March 18, 2009

Yesterday we found a bug which can be very annoying if you used files with special characters (like “&”) in the name as supporting docs. You can upload such files as supporting docs but the download fails since the file cannot be found for download. The Problem is that the “&” in our case corrupts the download URL and the download fails (nevertheless the file is uploaded successfully and not corrupted).

Workaround is to use no files with names containing special characters. Files which were already uploaded can be found in the file system and have to be downloaded manually.

The fix we will implement will prevent uploading of files with names containing other characters than numbers and letters.

Update 20.3.2009: We did a code review in the meantime and we will fix the download link by escaping the filename.

Another update 23.3.2009: The problem was fixed in the meantime by using function urlencode() – it will be part of the next release.

Welcome to RTH Blog

March 16, 2009
RTH Logo (round)

RTH Logo (round)

Welcome to RTH Blog – from now on this will be the first place where you can find information regarding RTH. I will try to keep you up to date what new feature and fixes are planned and when the next RTH release will be available.